Legal Disclaimer

In Spain the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality has stated that Royal Decree 579/2017, of 9 June, is applicable to the devices that may contain nicotine (charged or not) and the cartridges that may contain nicotine only. It does not apply to the cartridges containing liquids without nicotine or to the non-rechargeable devices charged with liquids without nicotine.

The purchase of vaporizers may be illegal in some countries. We ask all customers to check the laws within their local jurisdiction before purchasing any product from our website. You are prohibited from distributing vaporizers to countries where use of said product is illegal. All persons who purchase vaporizers are responsible for their actions in the future. Seedsman Vapes will not be responsible for any legal action taken against a customer who purchased a product from our website.

All information contained on the website and any Seedsman promotional material or packaging is for information purposes only.

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