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One of the most important decisions you will make when deciding which vaporizer to buy is the portability of the product. Most vaporizers on the market will be portable, allowing you to vape on the go, or Desktop, meaning that the product will be stationary.
Matthew Pegg / June 5, 2019

Guide to Desktop and Portable Vaporizers

One of the most important decisions you will make when deciding which vaporizer to buy is the portability of the product. Most vaporizers on the market will be portable, allowing you to vape on the go, or Desktop, meaning that the product will be stationary.

Your choice of vaporizer portability will depend entirely on where and how often you wish to vape, as well as the method you wish to use

Desktop Vaporizers

Designed specifically for home use, Desktop vaporizers are essentially stationary devices that can be plugged into any wall outlet. Very few Desktop vapes need to be powered with batteries, due to their lack of portability.

Almost all Desktop vaporizers heat the added materials through a process called convection. This involves indirect heating using a ceramic element or an aluminium element.

When they first came onto the market, Desktop vaporizers were very simple, box-style devices that were totally immobile. However, in today’s market, there is an exceptional variety of Desktop vaporizers, which allows users to purchase the correct product to cater for their specific needs.

Types of Desktop Vaporizers

Generally, Desktop vaporizes are offered in two different styles, Whip and Forced Air. The two styles essentially represent how the vapour is ingested by the user. Some modern Desktop vaporizers will offer both methods; these are referred to as “dual-function” vaporizers.

Whip Style Desktop Vaporizers

A Whip-style vaporizer is named after the ‘whip’ attachment that is used as the method for drawing vapour.

The whip is essentially composed of three parts; the wand, the tube and the mouthpiece. Users will fill the wand with their chosen vape material, which will then be heated. This create a stream of vapour which the user will draw through the tube and mouthpiece and into the body. 

Whip-style is the most popular style of Desktop vaporizer because of their affordability, simplicity and ease of use.

Forced Air Desktop Vaporizers

A Forced Air, or Balloon Bag, vaporizer is an increasingly popular style of Desktop vaporizer because of their immense vapour production, advanced technology and higher quality of product.

These vaporizers have an internal fan, which propels hot air over the added materials. While a whip can be used to inhale the subsequent vapour stream, balloon bags can also be used.

A balloon bag is essentially a way to mobilize your usually static Desktop vaporizer. Instead of attaching a whip to your device, a balloon bag can be attached, which is filled with vapour. This can then be removed from the device and held in the hand to be used at leisure and in a portable fashion.

Dual-Function Vaporizers

These type of Desktop vaporizers offer the user the choice between whip-draw or forced-air inhalation. This comes in handy when testing out your ingestion preference, especially if you are a novice to vapes.

Many dual-function vaporizers will also have multiple fan speed options, meaning that the user can truly customize their Desktop vaping experience.

Benefits of Desktop Vaporizers

Despite the lack of mobility, Desktop vaporizers have a far greater number of detailed accessories and options that a Portable vaporizer simply doesn’t allow for.

As they are powered directly from wall outlets and not batteries, Desktop vaporizers are an extremely stable and reliable power source, which generally makes for a more consistent and efficient vaping experience.  Desktop vaporizers also hold a far greater production of vapour thanks to their ubiquitous power source.

Similarly, because Desktop Vaporizers use convection as their heating method, particularly in whip-style vapes, there is far more control over temperature, regardless of whether digital or analogue, as well as a far cleaner burn. For this reason, Desktop Vaporizer tend to be the device of choice for medical users.

Finally, Desktop vaporizers allow for a far larger variety of ingestion options compared to a Portable vaporizer. While this means that Desktop devices are generally more expensive, they are widely considered to be a superior product in a number of ways.

Portable Vaporizers

Almost all of the bestselling vaporizers in today’s market are portable devices, which are also known as Vape Pens.

Due to their diminutive size in comparison to their Desktop alternatives, Portable vaporizers do not produce as much vapour but have an enormous advantage in that they can be used anywhere and are extremely discreet.

Portable vaporizers allow users to enjoy vaping without requiring a fixed power source. These devices generate power from a battery which must be charged intermittently or from butane, which requires no re-charging.

Types of Portable Vaporizers

Generally, Portable vaporizers are offered in two different styles, Battery and Butane. Both of these styles cater to various user requirements and each have significant benefits.

Battery Powered Portable Vaporizers

Most battery powered Portable vaporizers use a lithium ion battery as a power source. When the battery is drained of its power, it will require charging through a mains outlet. The lifespan of a battery’s power will vary depending on the model of your vaporizer, as will the amount of time required to fully charge the device.

Many more recently released Portable vaporizers come with USB charging cables that can be plugged into a USB port on a computer or other device. Many modern vaporizers will also offer car adaptors, so that you can charge your vaporizer on the move.

Benefits of Portable Vaporizers

The most obvious and advantageous benefit of Portable Vaporizers is that you can take your vape with you, wherever you go. The weight and size of these vaporizers will generally mean that they can be concealed in a pocket or bag, meaning that not only can you vape remotely but also discreetly.

Generally, portable units will be less of an expense than a desktop vaporizer because of its diminutive size and the fact that it requires less maintenance. However, don’t let that distract you from the power of these portable comparisons. Depending on the brand of vape, portable products can deliver vapour just as robustly as their desktop counterparts.

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